Man kann niemanden überholen, wenn man in seine Fußstapfen tritt.

Francois Truffaut


Greenhive is the vision of farmers to live unburdened

The agriculture industry focusing on multiyear crops is around 10.000.000 hectare of cultivated land. The main task of the agricultural entrepreneurs is to monitor their plants health and perform protective activities. This work is linked with several issues and dangers. E.g. increased floor pressure, costly skills, dependency on weather conditions. Failing to do so can cause loss of harvest and not only endanger financial existence (Austria 2014, Mosel 2016) but is also a mortal danger to the farmers who dare to try.

Greenhive is the vision of farmers to live unburdened. Developing an autonomous Airborne plant protection unit that supports farmers with modern technology, Greenhive is future farming. Our drone swarms will be capable to perform plant protection in an economic manner and initiate a new era in farming.