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Holistic Imaging

Products to produce, manage, edit and interpret accurate aerial 3D information

Holistic Imaging offers a complete software solution in the field of 3D image processing and photogrammetry. Architects, urban planners and building companies currently scarcely make use of digital images of our environment when planning and surveying. We create a software package to generate orthophoto-based 3D models in an easy and efficient way. Unlike existing systems such as Google Earth, Holistic Imaging models are sufficiently precise to be used for planning and surveying purposes, considerably more cost-efficient than traditional surveys and easy to handle even for untrained users.

Matthias Rüther has more than 10 years of working and research experience in the field of image-based 3D measuring technology. During his research activity at the Graz University of Technology, he developed various field-related prototypes.
Philipp Meixner is equipped with in-depth expert knowledge on surveying and photogrammetry. During his studies, he focused on automated, aerial-image-based real estate valuation. His doctoral thesis attracted international renown.