You can't surpass anyone by following their footsteps.

Francois Truffaut

hill wind technologies

A new wind power concept

hill wind technologies (HWT) develops, produces and markets a novel, patented wind power concept – the "Grenzschichtläufer(GSL)". The GSL provides a cost-efficient way to turn ground-level wind into energy. As the BLR does not exceed a construction height of more than 10m, this new concept paves the way for an efficient wind energy utilisation in hilly areas without any negative impacts on the landscape’s character. Moreover, unlike traditional wind turbines, the small-sized BLR wind power station functions without any noise pollution.

Looking back on a longstanding partnership, the two founders Peter Leitl and Andreas Flanschger – who have already been successful founding bionic surface technologies GmbH (BST) – have in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of business and technology.