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Francois Truffaut

HAVEtronic Formwerkstatt

With Formwerkstatt configurators, interactive 3D product configuration is a joyful shopping experience...

When purchasing high-quality consumer products, today‘s customers expect their chosen products to be configured, adapted and tailor-made according to their specific demands (product mass customisation). Before deciding to place an order, they want to examine the configured products from all sides and angles, preferably directly from their web browser. In order to enable manufacturing companies to fulfil this customer requirement, Havetronic Formwerkstatt offers easy-to-use 3D product configurators. These configurators can be applied to adapt not only the colour and material, but also the shape of products. By means of a full-value, parameter-driven 3D modelling programme on the web server, 3D configurators through to complex web-based product planning applications can now be realised considerably more cost-efficiently than before.

Sven Havemann studied at the the Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig, Germany) and graduated with a PhD in computer graphics. Following his postdoctoral habilitation thesis at the Graz University of Technology, he started a career as an independent expert for procedural 3D modelling. The founding team, including René Berndt, René Zmugg and Wolfgang Thaller, is characterised by both longstanding experience and top-level scientific qualifications. Berndt, Zmugg and Thaller are currently doctoral candidates at the Graz University of Technology and intend to dedicate themselves fully to Formwerkstatt afterwards.