You can't surpass anyone by following their footsteps.

Francois Truffaut

MINEWERK analytics

MINEWERK analytics develops a smart BIM library and software solution, enabling the optimisation of planning and construction processes as well as building maintenance.

With smartbricks the venture Minewerk compiles expert know-how on buildings, construction materials and structural building components in a single intelligent software solution. The modular 3D building blocks, smartbricks, represent entire building sections and comprise information on costs, construction times and structural-physical characteristics. Making use of data collected from building sensors, as well as the experience of building operators, the lifespans, maintenance intervals and costs of each building block are projected and updated in real time. This enables project developers to observe buildings over their entire lifecycles.
Smartbricks also provide great benefits to building managers: The intelligent building blocks can be used to accurately forecast maintenance needs. Thanks to this predictive maintenance system, building blocks can be replaced before actual defects occur, thus saving both time and money.