You can't surpass anyone by following their footsteps.

Francois Truffaut


Reveal and simplify complex physical correlations. Provide and visualise the information gain

Unravelling the mysteries of our world with an easy-to-use technology is the goal of UnravelTEC. A technology that allows to explain even complex correlations of physical parameters with a multi-sensor concept. Henri (Hidden Reality Instrument) is equipped with several cameras (UV, far and near IR, HD-camera) and is able to detect different gases (CO2, NOx) and particulate matter. The data can be analysed and resulting information shown in apps, either on Henri or on any mobile device. These Apps use live data, compare these statistically with cloud data and generate added value usable for many use-cases:

- watch over environmental conditions at work, learn and sleep places like CO2-levels, dust, sound and light pollution
- get indications on how to sun bath healthier
- brush teeth more thoroughly
- avoid particulate-matter-intense areas
- and many, many more on