Success or failure will hang on whether you have confidence and determination.

Konosuke Matsushita

Co-founders wanted!

„Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do.“ - Mark Suster

The recipe for a particularly successful start-up project is an interdisciplinary team whose development department is complemented by strong partners who can bring in their business know-how.

Research-based start-up founders need experienced managers

As years of experience in the Science Park Graz have shown, such teams do not always exist from the very beginning. Particularly in highly innovative projects from medical, technical or scientific backgrounds, founders must take on tasks which are not part of their core competences. This may have negative impacts on a fast company development – especially if the workload increases rapidly. In many cases, this can be mastered more quickly by reinforced teamwork.

What kind of qualifications are frequently required by start-up teams?

  • Business administration skills
  • Distribution & sales experience
  • Know-how and experience in terms of corporate structure development
  • Know-how and experience in terms of strategic positioning
  • Marketing/communication skills

If these are your core competences and/or if you are able to answer one or two of the following questions with yes, we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Are you keen to participate in the development of a start-up from the very beginning?
  • Have you always thought about starting a business but the scintillating idea was missing?
  • Do you have the appropriate qualifications and experience to contribute to a start-up?
  • During the start-up development phase, would you be prepared to forego being paid a commercially-available income?
  • After years of being an employee, do you now want to discover a completely new professional area, or
  • Have you recently graduated from university and are both eager and ready to face the challenges of entrepreneurship?

As we support our founders to find the right co-founders, we are always pleased to be contacted by people willing to share their knowledge, their experience and their spirit with a start-up team. We cannot guarantee that we can immediately provide you with a suitable challenge. But please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – our start-up teams develop in a very dynamic way!

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