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ESNC 2015 rewards the best applications using satellite navigation

The European Satellite Navigation Competition is an international contest that annually awards the best services, products, or business innovations using SATELLITE NAVIGATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE.

Aim is to provide support to entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, and all participants to get their business off the ground. The competition comprises a leading network in satellite navigation with support from key GNSS stakeholders, regional partners worldwide and the largest space-related incubation network.

The Prize Pool
This year's prize pool is worth EUR 1 million, including cash, business incubation, coaching, patent consulting, prototyping & marketing support, and publicity within the world's leading satellite navigation network. Winners of all prizes will be in the running for the grand prize of EUR 20,000 and six months of incubation.

Application Fields
As satellite Navigation technologies open the door to myriad applications, submissions are welcome in any relevant application field such as Location Based Services, Smart Moving, Safety & Security, Navigation, Health, Energy, Augmented Reality, Gaming, Sports & Tracking, Public & Social Services, Agriculture, and many more.

SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and everyone with a brilliant idea is welcome to join and submit their entries from 1 April - 30 June 2015 at: www.esnc.eu

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