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Internet of Things services using space capabilities - funding opportunity

Power your IoT services with space!


ESA has launched an opportunity to offer funding and support to companies for Feasibility Studies for space enabled Internet of things (IoT) services targeting relevant customer needs.

IoT is already used in many parts of daily life: human-centred applications related to health & fitness, home-automation & security, smart cities & transportation, connected vehicles, retail, production or industrial work environments are some of its applications.

Depending on their purpose, IoT solutions may require remote or global interconnectivity, robust communication, positioning, precision timing, remote monitoring and control, in-situ and remote sensors, technology for harsh environments, geo-information etc. Space assets and technologies, such as satellite communication, satellite navigation, Earth observation, or human spaceflight, can satisfy some of these demands and empower IoT services.



  • ESA Programme: Integrated Applications Promotion Programme
  • Activity: Feasibility Study
  • Budget: up to € 150 000 per Feasibility Study (100% funded)
  • Duration: up to 9 months
  • Submission Deadline: 13 April 2017 13:00 CET

Further information: https://artes-apps.esa.int/opportunities/invitation-to-tender/novel-internet-things-services-using-space-capabilities


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