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Konosuke Matsushita


What we are looking for: innovative business ideas with a high application potential, which have arisen for example during a master or doctoral thesis or at the workplace. Ideas from all academic areas qualify for submission!

The best submissions will be rewarded with prize money in the amount of altogether 10.000 Euros! In addition, the competition represents an ideal opportunity to have the potential of your ideas evaluated by a team of experts!  


»Who can participate?

Students, professors, research assistants and graduates from all university institutions are invited to participate in the competition and submit their ideas for innovative products, procedures or services.


»From which academic areas can the business ideas originate?

From all academic areas! Backgrounds can range from technical fields to medical and healthcare settings, to natural sciences and humanities, to social and business studies. Ideas can also come from law, design, gastronomy, tourism etc. – there are no background-specific limitations!


»Which assessment categories are there?

There will be an overall ranking in which the SPG startup consultants identify the best submissions. The chosen applicants will briefly present their idea to an expert jury who will then identify the best 2 submissions of each category. The main categories are

  • technology-orientated submissions
  • innovation-orientated submissions
  • submissions from the field of creative industries


In addition, there are 2 assessment categories:

  • Best submission with "space relation": Space relation doesn’t mean rocket science! You can use space technologies, data sets, location systems, materials, algorithms, etc. to generate your business idea in application fields such as transportation, environment, energy, health, tourism and many others! Where can you find your space relation?


  • Best female applicant



What are the assessment criteria?

  • Degree of innovation
  • Applicability
  • Market potential
  • Originality



»What kind of prizes can you win?

The winners can win monetary prizes of altogether 10.000 €. The second best applicant of each category will receive 1.000€ and the best applicant will get 1.500€.

The winners of the two additional categories will be rewarded with 2.000 € (best submission with space relation) and 500 € for the best female applicant. The best submission with space relation also gets coaching to apply for the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre in Austria!

All applicants will be invited to the award ceremony at which the winners will be announced, and all attendees will have the chance to win a special prize in a raffle.


»Submission deadline

The submission deadline was 31st January 2017.


Sponsored by Research&Technology House at TU Graz.

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